Final Assessed blog – Start of my open choice posts

As we are approaching the end of Living and Working on the Web module, this blog is the final stage of #UOSM2008 but it is certainly not the end of my blogging. Over the period of this module I have learned the importance of professional online presence and blogging, therefore I am going to continue contributing to the effective online society, and take this experience forward in my study life as well as my career life in the future by joining university students group for exchanging knowledge, and following companies for getting recruited.

Reflecting over my very first blog about digital visitor and digital residents, even though despite that I didn’t have any account on LinkedIn or Twitter, I had a strong believe on myself being a resident, only because I was using Facebook. Coming across the entire topics especially topic three “Building Online Professional Profile” I have now understood how little of a resident I was.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 03.50.36

Doing my research on topic three and reading other students blog I went forward on building my LinkedIn professional online profile. I achieved this by presenting my whole up to date academic credentials, work experiences and achievements, as well as following colleagues & classmates and interested companies such as JPMorgan, IBM, Apple, etc.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 03.52.21

As a result of building my professional online profile, very surprisingly it attracted companies that I was following to view my profile, and I received this email from Expedia.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 04.02.48

I was amazed by the power of social media, because in the past years that I wasn’t registered on LinkedIn, I got tired of applying for internships and other IT related jobs but non of my applications become successful. However now despite that it is only three months that I have had a LinkedIn profile, Expedia has invited me for an interview and hopefully I get the job.

From now onward I will keep improving my employability by keeping my online presence professional and improving my online profile so that it reflects up to date information. I will also continue following companies, this will allow me to be informed of the newsletters of all my interested companies, which is a perfect way to find out about them and be well aware of expertise needed to be employed by a specific company. This will help me gain a huge success in my career life.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 04.04.07

This module inspired me to make changes to my world of technology by blogging and spreading the knowledge. My aim for the future is to take blogging forward and enhance my programming skills so that others can learn from it and comment back to me for more improvements. These activities will explicate how passionate I am about my field of interest, and it is an excellent technique to make me stand out from the crowd when it comes to job-hunting in the future.

I finally understood the effect of social media especially Twitter. Before this module I wasn’t using it, however now I am using it to learn and make tweets on everything shared by the interested companies and my friends.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 18.23.57


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