Topic 4: Reflective Summary of Ethical Issues

I found topic 4 the most interesting topic because it was open to any ethical issue about the educational or business use of social media. After doing some research, the processing and selling of our data by social media organisations to the third party companies cought my attention to be discussed for topic 4. I found it interesting because although any social media that we use such as Facebook may state in their terms and condition but almost half of the users are not aware of their personal data being commercialised as no one bothers to read all those endless terms and conditions.

Reading others student also broaden my knowledge about other ethical issues. I found Bartosz’s blog similar to my topic as he was discussing how our data used by Massive Online Open Courses. It was surprising for me that despite I am a member of MOOC myself I never knew that they also make money from selling the data generated from activities of their members, which make them no different to what social media do to our data. I really liked his blog but I didn’t agree with him saying the effect of MOOC selling our data will put bad light on some users.  I didn’t agree because all online courses users profiles contains formal academic posts and activities that may not empress some employers for recruitment but it doesn’t put bad light on anyone.

Aliyu also made a really good post about issues of social media effect in the workplace. I liked his examples of some employees losing their jobs because of a small post. It concered me that while freedom of speech gives the right to everyone expressing their openions, then why the action of employers sacking thier emoloyees not considered to be agained the freedom of speech law and why are they not getting sued?



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