Topic 2 Summery Reflection

It was a fascinating discussion over the last two weeks about positive and negative sides of having more than one online identity. I had some experience about the topic, however it broadens my knowledge when I read about it from the giving sources and researched on my own. I learned that individuals needs multiple online identities in order to stay anonymous and separate their personal life where they post friendly and informal comments from professional identity. This separation was crucial in order for people to keep their professional life from their private life. It was surprising when I read about hundreds of people lost their job because of social network posts.

Beyond doing my own research, I learned a lot from reading others blogs. Some of them amazed me about how different their blog was compared to mine, they considered a lot more pros and cons of having multiple online identities that I didn’t came up with.

Reading Hayley Matthews I learned that every website we visit daily and create an account with them, each account we made is an online identity, however it made me think that more people register with fake details on websites such as online shopping eBay and Amazon to reach their needs, therefore they don’t care about maintaining those profiles, which makes the web full of fake and out of date identities. This lead to cyber bullying.

Jack Pearce argued the topic in a quite similar way as me, it was surprising to see  that we used the same material (video clips and reports) perhaps that was why we came up with the same ideas. He argued that having multiple identities are hard to maintain and they are used by employers to recruit, this made me think that having one well maintained identity will be better than several out of date.

Overall this topic has been a very interesting one and I look forward to the rest.

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