Reflective Summary: What is learned from Topic 1 discussion (The Digital Visitors and Residents)

The concept of Digital visitors and Residents brought up a broad discussion among the class. At first I thought it is was a really complex concept to understand, but when I did my research and especially reading White, D. S., & Cornu report, I understood  it in much simple way.

My blog focused on how much these two categories are combined together, and they should be treated as a continuum rather than two separate boxes. individual users can call into both of these categories. However it is was so interesting when I read and commented on others people’s blog about this topic. I learned much more about visitors and residents, people understood it from different angles, and had different opinions. No one had a wrong discussion on their blog, however there were ideas that didn’t convince me.

Aliyu’s blog had similar  discussion to mine, he convinced the readers that older generations do not necessary fall into visitors category. He supported his argument with funny screenshots of an old woman on twitter.

Zia’s blog had really interesting explanation of the topic, and it surprised me because he debated the topic in a different way than i did, he described visitors as an untidy garden tool shed, which I really liked.

blogs that I learned from and commented are referenced bellow;

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